January 2020
  * Spa-Manicure + Gel Polish 30 €
(manicure, Gel Polish, hand peeling, warm paraffin, cream with a massage

* Eyebrows 10 €
(correction /styling, chemical color)

We have news too. We now have nail printer in the salon. You can choose a picture / pattern suitable for nail nail from the gallery or send me your own picture. My fantasy started to run
How do you like it only when you have tried. I will discover the possibilities of this machine. Nail printing is available with gelpolish manicure. I make an exception for men- with regular manicure. We don't have to pay separately for this - we have nail decoration in the price anyway (unless you really want a bling bling, there's a small price)
Try now the price of gelpolish manicure is 25 €/ loyal customer 20 €