A bit about the services offered at the salon

Different hair care services are offered at our salon. It's really hard to pick between services for you as a client. As the rule states, you just want beautiful hair. That's why we need to make the final decision together, during the consultation. But, so you can think a bit about your decision proactively at home, I will write down the most common hair care services that our salon offers. 
1. First of all, of course, is the worldwide popular keratin treatment. With keratin treatment, we also use the Egobond care, which contains an active care substance with a special KeravisTM Bond-complex- it will get into your hair fibers, restoring the hair's lifeforce and strength. Also improves your hair's humidity level and overall condition. Keratin treatment's impact will also stay a lot longer in healthy hair. The keratin treatment is from the Keratherapy line. I myself like that brand, because their main activity is related to hair frizz and straightening, so they have many different cares, that we can pick out the best for you and your hair. Of course, the most popular option is the one which takes away the frizz, straightens the hair and lasts long- aka the most effective of the choices :) The hair can be washed 72h after the care. The result will last for 16 weeks. Home care products, that lengthen the salon care impact, are also available.
2. Alter Ego Italy Egoliss Also done with Egobond care. A keratin treatment, which doesn't straighten curls, but makes them softer and afterwards the hair is also smoother and with a nice shine. Our clients favorite! A keratin care with a progressive effect, which smoothens hair. The special K-complex makes hair easier to handle and smooth - the result will last for about 12 weeks. Under the influence of heat, the keratin structure in hair changes, which ensures a long lasting frizz-free result for hair. Makes hair easier to handle, soft, shiny and easy to comb. Ensures an effective frizz-free result and prevents broken hair ends. We wash your hair in the salon right after the care and you can continue caring for your hair at home like usual- even wash them again, there's not wait time. Home care products, that lengthen the salon care impact, are also available. 
3. Alter Ego Italy Spherique Pro A 3-step hair care with keratin, which is brought into the hair with infrared tongs- infrared waves let keratin molecules get deep into a piece of hair without using too much heat (PS! Tongs don't heat up.) Hi-Protein Complex hairspray takes keratin-proteins into damaged hair, restoring the hair structure from the inside. Collagen gives hair elasticity and texture, elastin restores the hair's natural strength. The hair mask with keratin and Hi-Protein Complex enriches and strengthens damaged hair structure, to take the restoring procedure to the finish. Pomegranate and moringa tree extracts are powerful antioxidants, which protect from environtmental damage and from free radicals. Offer natural UV-protection. For home care we recommend Alter Ego Italy Arganicare Day Therapy products.
4. Alter Ego Italy B.toxcare Valuable care with a botox effect. The dynamic effect, that adds exuberance and fluffiness, restores and strengthens the hair from inside. Fills hair with lifeforce and restores its natural elasticity, as a result of which they turn soft, shiny, healthy and youthful. The serum gets under the cuticle, where the hair structure is, and helps it become fuller. Hyaluronic acid's moistening and nutritious aspects heal hair fibers, when at the same time, the collagen and keratin contained in the serum, enlarge the elasticity of the hair, making them fluffier, tighter, sikly soft and youtfully healthy. The cream, that closed hair cuticulas, is meant to take the procedure with the botox-effect to the finish- smoothens the cuticle, closes the hair pieces top layer, locking the active ingredients into the hair fiber and with that, ensuring the maximum cosmetic result. Home care products, that lengthen the salon care impact, are also available.
5. Different scalp cares from Alter Ego Italy. Deeply cleaning scalp care. Reduces scalp desquamation and relieves itching. Doesn't damage the skin's hydrolyptic layer. Pyrocton-oleamine eliminates micro organisms, that cause dandruff and aids the renewal of cells. The antioxidant Yuzu's lemon extract fights against free radicals. Refreshes, is with a antibacterial and calming effect. Protelane Ag11 is an active substance, that eliminates dandruff and keeps away fungal infection. After this care, a suitable shampoo is used (the choises are for dandruff contrary, deciduous hair, balancing for oily scalp (also for burns, itching, irritation relieving). For the last step, an intensive hair strengthening, decidious contrary tonic, that strengthens hair and hair roots. Aids the scalp's normal blood supply. The Trichogen Veg complex - ginseng, B-group vitamins, arginine, biotin, soybean proteins - balances and cleans the scalp. Stimulates the scalp's microcirculation. And of course, with all that, comes a bit of head massaging and then a bit of head massagin and then a bit more of head massaging. Also fits perfectly for men.

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