Who wouldn't like a pleasant and relaxing massage?
I have yet to meet a person who doesn't like massages. Yes, there are people who can't enjoy that, because they are against strangers touching them, but there are still different options, that can make even them enjoy a massage. So a massage is cool :)
Massages aren't available in our salon at the moment. Well, there is no service, where a professional masseur gives you a full massage care. But we do have different procedures, where there are parts which are or include massages.
Actually, I finished massage school a few years back, but that really isn't my area of expertise. I own the knowledge and engage them in my job and everyday life and I'm sure to continue.

Now, let's talk a bit about the procedures that also contain massages. First of all, of course, pedicure. There are people, who get a pedicure, because they want that pleasurable foot massage- if the ordinary foot massage doesn't seem to be enough, then with the SPA pedicure, there is a bit of a longer massage and there is also an option, to add a foot massage with massage oil as an extra service, which will be done from toes to knees.

The classic manicure plus all the SPA cares for hands also contains a hand massage. A hand massage is especially pleasant relaxation, after a long day of work or sitting behind a computer. If you don't want a manicure, we also offer a SPA care for your hands without the manicure- a small coddling                                                                              with a massage.

And of course the stylist. Our hair wash is always with a head massage. If you don't wish to get a head massage, please say so :) You can get a longer massage with a scalp care service. The options are scalp care for stopping hair from falling out and scalp care for cleaning the scalp.
(reduces itching, desquamation, eliminates dandruff and prevents fungus infections)

And to be totally honest with you, we also have a familiar masseur too. If there are people who want a massage, then they are happy to come to our salon with their massage table, to give you one pleasant massage at the booked time. If you want this, don't be afraid to ask!

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